Friday April 27th Captain May I


Captain May I performs sensible, unpredictable rock from many sub-genres with an emphasis on execution. The experienced cast of characters reeks of cool and effortlessly delivers massive fun and great times. C.M.I. was assembled by former Hairball bassist Dan Dryden. Although Dan was instrumental in building Hairball’s success, his desire to expand musically led him to resign from the band. “I had a great run with Hairball.” Dryden admitted, “I made some good money, but I was running low on integrity. New 80′s songs never seem to get written, so I had been
playing virtually the same setlist for over 5 years. It became very clear to me that it was time to build a new empire and concentrate on what drew me into this crazy business… the music.”

Dryden first approached his old friend and former Slow Children bandmate Steve “Stibs” Thommes about forming the new project. Stibs is very well known and respected as one of the most talented and versatile guitarists around. Stibs
immediately welcomed the challenge to help form… the next BIG thing.

The duo quickly recruited Junk FM guitarist Chris Heille to the fold. On top of being an extraordinary guitarist, Chris is an accomplished keyboardist, a gifted studio engineer/producer, a computer whiz and a brilliant vocalist. It was obvious to the three veteran musicians, that an additional “frontman” would be completely unnecessary. Dan, Stibs and Chris have all performed professionally as lead vocalists and their distinct voices complement each other perfectly. One more piece to this puzzle and C.M.I. sets sail!

Drummer Wade Hagblom came from out of nowhere. On a whim, he sent Dryden a video of himself playing a crushing 3 minute drum solo. Wade formerly performed as Danny Carey in the premier TOOL tribute act 10,000 Days. 2 Days later he was a member of the band. C.M.I. didn’t simply secure a drummer, C.M.I. acquired a legitimate drum MONSTER!

Captain May I takes pride in surprising people with sure-fire songs that most bands wouldn’t think to play, or are unable to play properly. Lost classics such as “Cars” by Gary Numan, “Come Together” by The Beatles and “A Girl Like You” by The Smithereens normally evoke a reaction similar to, “O.M.G. I LOVE this song”! College rock, classic rock, country rock, 70′s 80′s 90′s rock, modern rock, pop rock… nothing is off limits for Captain May I.

Here are some examples to represent the depth of Captain May I’s repertoire:

Don Henley/The Ataris – “Boys of Summer”
Foo Fighters – “Learn to Fly”
The Romantics – “What I Like About You”
Billy Joel – “You May Be Right”
The Black Keys – “Howlin’ For You”
Dwight Yokum – “Fast as You”
The Knack – “My Sharona”
Greg Kihn Band – “The Breakup Song”
Fuel – “Shimmer”
Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”
The Wallflowers – “One Headlight”
KISS – “Beth”
Keith Urban – “Put You in a Song”
The Presidents of the United States of America – “Lump”
REO Speedwagon – “Take it on the Run”
Kelly Clarkson – “Since You’ve Been Gone”
INXS – “What You Need”
The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”
Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”
Semisonic – “Closing Time”
Tom Petty – “American Girl”
Of course Captain May I has a 100,000 gallon bucket full of just about any old standard tune at their disposal if the situation calls for it. Joan Jett, Poison, Rick Springfield, AC/DC, you get the picture.

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