Roll-ins are back for 2014

Get those Classic and Unique cars out of storage.

Thursday Roll-ins are back Starting May 1st


Arch Allies Saturday April 5th

Arch Allies Live at Busters

$10 ADV

Pop Rocks 3-21-14

Pop Rocks Band

PopROCKS is not just a band; it’s a HIGH ENERGY LIVE MUSIC SHOW expertly designed to keep you dancing and laughing to the BIGGEST DANCE PARTY HITS all night long.

PopROCKS brings you the best of todays hottest hits, 80s rock, throwback hip-hop, disco, and timeless party classics all mashed up and delivered in a PARTY ZONE format with a Broadway twist

Devon Worley – (3-8-14)

$5 cover

Devon Worley is a teenage country singer, songwriter and guitarist. Devon is known for her powerful voice, wide vocal range,
dynamic performances and commanding stage presence. Her career on stage began at the age of 8 when she won a national Radio Disney talent
contest. This culminated in an opening performance for Disney artists B5.
By age 11.

Here is what we think of her

Devon Worley is a great performer and entertainer. The crowd is always big and energetic when she comes to Busters. We Love having her on our stage!

Devon Worley is a great performer and we love having her at Wicked Moose! It’s going to be fun watching her grow and make a name for herself in country music.”
Darren Groteboer, Owner, Wicked Moose, Rochester, MN

“Devon Worley is not out playing soccer or babysitting like other (teenagers) might be…she is already busy taking the music world by storm!”
- KSTP Channel 5

“The Toby’s staff and I always look forward to Devon coming in, she does a great job and brings in a large audience. We can’t wait to have her back!”
- Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill

Rook Band – (3-7-14)

$ 3 cover
The word is out! When you need to rock & roll in Minnesota there is only one band who can truly fill the bill, and that band is Rook!

Rook is a band that specializes in the good time rock hits you grew up with. Entertaining people is what we love.

March Madness


  • For the month of March get your burger fix at Busters. Choose from over 60 different types of burgers.
  • Get your punch card from your server
  • Eat 16 Burgers and be eligible for $100 gift card
  • 5 winners will be chosen
  • Winners will be drawn April 7th @7pm
  • Winners present during drawing will double their gift card

Karaoke Every Thursday