This Thursday Will be a Show Off

Dan Schoneck will be visiting us with his 2005 Ford GT SuperCar.

Upon opening the Vista Blue clamshell on Dan Schonecks’s 2005 Ford GT Supercar, an adrenaline rush hits you as you stare upon the 331 cubic inch four valve power plant. Providing the power to this potent combination is not the original factory positive displacement (PD) supercharger but one of the latest highly efficient designs in the recent “overhaul” of the F-series lineup performed by the engineering staff at ProCharger.

When mentioning the ProCharger F-1X in drag racing’s X275 ranks, it strikes fear into the hearts of its competitors. Dan chose this ProCharger model for that very reason. The F-1X provides 34 psi of boost, which shocked the chassis dyno to the tune of 1450 wheel horsepower, while using a 10-rib serpentine belt.